• Image of Spilled Milk #15
  • Image of Spilled Milk #15

This is Spilled Milk #15 on our Boot Strap BFL fingering weight base.

Sometimes things just don't go your way, do you know what I mean? Well, don't cry over spilled milk:-) This yarn was supposed to be an intentional flashing yarn with navy, purple, and white. But, what did I get? A beautiful mess. This is another addition to the Spilled Milk line at Fishknits. Anything that wasn't planned, that the yarnie messed up, that the dog tipped over, or that just didn't turn out like it was meant to be will be thrown into the Spilled Milk category. If it still has potential, it will be sold for the normal price of comparable yarn in the store, it just can't be repeated, mustn't be repeated, will not be intentionally repeated. So help me, it won't!!!

Boot Strap BFL: 80% Superwash BFL, 20% Nylon. 400 yards, 100 grams. A strong but still soft yarn, great for socks. Will wear well and look beautiful.

This yarn was kettle dyed and although I know what I did and can do it again, it will not be repeatable to make an identical skein. I can, however, dye many more skeins in about the same way and make lots of pretties, they just won't match this one exactly. If you'd like to make a larger project and would like similar yarn, please contact me and I'll dye your skeins together so that they will at least match each other closely:-)

~400 yds, 100 grams

Colors may vary some due to different dye lots or your monitor settings.


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